2019 Titleholder Agreement


This agreement is in effect upon official selection and declaration from Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc. (herein after referred to as “MUSNP”), and/or it’s designee, of the applicant being officially declared the winner of their Division (herein after referred to as “Title”) for their state as a 2019 State Delegate of MUSNP.  Herein after any winner of a Title, whether at a state or national pageant, is termed a Titleholder.

This agreement will remain in effect upon official selection and declaration from MUSNP of the 2019 National Titleholder winners. 

Where the agreement specifies NATIONAL titleholder, said covenant shall ONLY cover the NATIONAL titleholder in that instance.

Upon conclusion of the 2019 MUSNP National Pageant, this agreement will remain in effect upon the State Titleholders, and they shall continue to have all rights bestowed upon them as State Titleholders under the terms specified in this agreement.

Title and Term

1.    This entire Agreement will begin upon signing by the Titleholder (and/or parent/legal guardian) and is for the term beginning with the selection and declaration of the Title during the 2019 United States National Pageants’ season (herein after referred to as “Pageant”) and ending upon the selection and declaration of the 2020 Titleholder at the 2020 Pageant, at a date and time to be announced at a subsequent date.

  1. This agreement must be signed and returned to MUSNP as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours from date forwarded.  If Titleholder needs additional time to review, titleholder acknowledges that they are to suspend community, social and public representation of their Title, until this Agreement has been physically signed, notarized and returned to MUSNP and/or digitally signed by a MUSNP approved system.
  2. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, any rights of the Titleholder to such trademarks, names, logos, etc. shall expire and terminate.  Titleholder shall immediately discontinue use of such name, logos, marks and etc., and all brochures, promotional materials, etc. using such names, logos and marks shall be turned over to MUSNP, without cost to MUSNP.  Titleholder also agrees to relinquish any passwords for separate social media accounts labeled under the MUSNP brand and trademark, so that the next titleholder may utilize the same page.
  3. Titleholder further agrees that, upon the expiration of her reign, she will no longer be entitled to physically wear the Title crown, and that thereafter she may only be referred to as the "Former Title" with the year of her reign.  Additionally, in accordance with the discontinued use of names, logos, marks, etc., any personal profile pictures should be modified within 30 days of crowning the next successor.
  4. Titleholder acknowledges that she is an independent contractor herein.  This agreement in no way defines, creates, nor binds either MUSNP or the Titleholder into an employment, joint venture or partnership relationship.

Media, Publicity, Advertising & Promotion

  1. Titleholder certifies that she, nor her parents and/or guardian on her behalf, is not a party to any present management, agency, product or service contract which would in any way cover the services to be performed by her in connection with the Title.  Titleholder further agrees that if selected as a NATIONAL Titleholder, MUSNP has exclusive right and control over all personal appearances made for their Title.
  2. Titleholder agrees that she will not enter into any agreement without the prior written consent of MUSNP, for services to be performed consisting of modeling, advertising, theatrical or promotional services, or any personal appearances in which the Title or affiliation with the Pageant is used, for the period of her reign.
  3. NATIONAL Titleholders agree that rights to any commercial or charitable endorsements, promotions, advertising, appearances, performances, presentations, addresses, speeches, publications, productions or other events or enterprises that involve a fee, honorarium, or other form of direct or indirect compensation, of any kind whatsoever, that makes use of, includes or otherwise involves the Title, logo, trademark or other marks of MUSP in any way whatsoever, shall belong exclusively to MUSNP.  NATIONAL Titleholder has direct responsibility to forward any documentation, paperwork and/or releases to MUSNP office.  Said payment for compensation aforementioned, for current or deferred future payments or compensation shall be made directly to MUSNP.  NATIONAL Titleholder shall be entitled to 50% of said compensation after reasonable expenses have been paid by MUSNP. 

4.    Titleholder shall use the Title, together with the logos and marks associated therewith, only in the manner approved by MUSNP and in accordance with the MUSNP branding manual.  Titleholder also recognizes MUSNP as having the exclusive right of said trade names, trademarks, logos, social media accounts (to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and Title, subject to the specified period of the conveyance of the Title.  Any use thereof, beyond the scope or stated period, by the Titleholder may only be pursuant to the specific provisions of this Agreement or with the advance written permission of MUSNP.

5.    Titleholder may print stationery in connection with her declared Title with prior written approval from a MUSNP and/or designee.

  1. Upon notification from MUSNP, Titleholder agrees immediately to cease and desist from using any advertising or publicity to which MUSNP has not given prior approval and which MUSNP believes is not to be in the best interest of the organization.
  2. Titleholder shall not incur, and is not authorized to incur, any obligations or debts for, or on behalf of MUSNP, sponsor, co-sponsors, affiliates, etc.  Titleholder acknowledges that MUSNP and sponsors, co-sponsors, affiliates, etc. are in no way obligated to pay for any debts or fulfill any promises made by the Titleholder in such regard.
  3. MUSNP shall have the right to use and authorize the use of name, autograph, voice recording, photographs or other likeness, and biographical and publicity material of the Titleholder for advertising, publicity, and any electronic recording or broadcast related to the Pageant and/or MUSNP activities worldwide without further compensation or additional agreements.
  4. Titleholder shall cooperate with MUSNP in the exploitation of publicity, promotion and marketing of any aspect of the license that will benefit the goals and/or objectives of MUSNP and the Pageant.
  5. It is agreed, and the Titleholder acknowledges, that it may be in the interest and to the benefit of the Titleholder and MUSNP to make certain personal appearances on behalf of MUSNP, its sponsors or otherwise for which no fee is charged, and Titleholder agrees to faithfully comply with said requests from MUSNP, but in such event MUSNP shall arrange for all food, lodging and travel.
  6. Titleholder commits to the following media activities:
    1. One (1) monthly appearance in which they will provide MUSNP photos and the contact information from said appearance;
    2. Daily posts to their or MUSNP provided social media accounts (can be scheduled prior to the day); and
    3. At least once a year promote and attend an event for their platform cause/charity.
  7. NATIONAL Titleholders agrees to coordinated public appearances with MUSNP through a system of their choosing, which will not be unreasonably cumbersome.  All appearances will need to be submitted for approval at least a minimum of 30 days in advance.  MUSNP will attempt to accommodate approvals for appearance requests less than 30 days.

Representation of Title

Titleholders are a representative of the MUSNP brand value, trademark value, mission, professional name status, and most importantly, the founder’s vision. 

Each individual was judged, selected and declared the winner in their division to promote these values, themselves and their community and as such is held to a professional standard.  The following are guidelines and not an exhaustive list how Titleholders should conduct themselves.  If there are questions or concerns please submit questions or concerns in writing to MUSNP and MUSNP designee will be happy to engage in an open conversation about them.

  1. Titleholders should not alter or add to their crowns and sashes (including pins).  If they are unable to be returned to their original condition the Titleholder will be responsible for purchasing replacements.
  2. If of legal age, Titleholders should not wear their crowns and/or sashes or actively represent MUSNP while drinking alcoholic beverages of any kind, using tobacco products, smoking any legal or illegal inhalants, smoking e-cigarettes, or partaking in CBD oil, hemp-based products.
  3. The Mrs. United States Titleholder acknowledges if she is presently married, she is residing with her spouse.  She cannot now be in the process of being divorced or separated from her current spouse and must continue to be married (and not in the process of divorce or separation) throughout her reign.
  4. Titleholders should refrain from making any disparaging or negative comments on social media, in public or private appearances or any other forums while representing MUSNP or their Title.  As a role model Titleholders also agree not to publish racy or inappropriate images.  If MUSNP deems them as such the Titleholder agrees to retract them.  While not all actions, communications or situations can be listed here MUNSP expects all Titleholders to act in and represent the spirit of the brand.
  5. All communications from MUNSP will be responded to in a timely fashion.
  6. Titleholders may not compete in or endorse other pageants or systems during their reign.  They are allowed and encouraged to support other women in their personal endeavors, even if competing in other pageants or systems.  Titleholders may also promote MUSNP as a judge in other pageants or systems.
  7. If a Titleholder wishes to relinquish their Title it is expected they communicate with MUSNP first before any public announcements are made.  In the event their Title is relinquished they will return their crown and sash within seven (7) business days in good useable condition; otherwise they will be responsible to repair or replace it at MUSNP’s discretion.  Titleholder will be reimbursed for non-expedited shipping and tracking costs inclusive of $500 in insurance.
  8. If the Titleholder is disqualified for any reason prior to participation in the 2019 Pageant or during the year of her reign, all prizes and awards will be forfeit to the 2018 Pageant Runner-Up and shall be delivered in the same manner as specified in Section 7 of Representation of Title with insurance adjustments as necessary.

2020 National MUSNP Pageant Winners

  1. MUSNP shall, at MUSNP's own cost, provide to the NATIONAL Titleholder round trip air transportation to the 2020 Pageant, from the Titleholder's state of residence, or any location of a shorter distance the Titleholder may be in at that time.
  2. NATIONAL Titleholder agrees to be available during the 2020 Pageant week for the following, if so requested or required:
    1. Appearances in connection with the Pageant, including but not limited to publicity, public relations, Pageant promotion or other appearances;
    2. Demonstrations of the prizes and promotional considerations offered in connection with the production and broadcast of any broadcast programs;
    3. Performing in connection with presentations of the recording, all prize and fashion segments, and commercials, which may be utilized and broadcast in connection with such program.
  3. NATIONAL Titleholder shall furnish and bring with her for the 2020 Pageant, at no cost to MUSP, the following:
    1. A minimum of one evening gown; and
    2. Adequate appearance quality wardrobe for events associated with the Pageant.
    3. Titleholder shall look solely to MUSNP, with respect to all matters relating to Titleholder’s promotion, marketing, preparation, rehearsal, production and all other matters relating to the Pageant.

Awards and Prizes

  1. Titleholder understands that all awards and/or prizes presented in conjunction with the winning of the Title, not offered or provided directly by MUSNP, are subject to the actions of the independent suppliers and/or sponsors.  MUSNP does not claim any liabilities for taxes, lost, damaged, destroyed and/or stolen prizes and/or awards, or the actions of sponsors or independent suppliers in conjunction with such prizes or awards.
  2. Titleholder understands that all awards and/or prizes presented do not have a cash value and are non-transferrable.
  3. MUSNP is not responsible for damaged or lost Title crowns, but will at the Titleholder’s expense facilitate a repair or replacement with the manufacturer.


  1. The Titleholder and/or parents and legal guardians (and/or their assistants, independent contractors, representatives, employees, agents and/or designee) agree to indemnify and hold harmless MUSNP, its officers, directors, agents, independent contractors, representatives, sponsors and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, cost, damages, and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal and attorney's fees and expenses incurred by MUSNP, its officers, directors, agents, and employees which arise out of, or are related or incidental to, Titleholder's activities.
  2. Without in any manner limiting the extent of the Titleholder's indemnities herein, Titleholder shall promptly advise MUSNP in writing of any claim (oral or written, whether it appears to Titleholder to have merit or otherwise) which questions the procedures, production, selection process, integrity, and/or any other matter relating to the Titleholder's Title.  If such claim or statement includes any written or specific material, a copy of all such material shall promptly be furnished to MUSNP.
  3. Should any claim be made against MUSNP, its officers, directors, independent contractors, agents, sponsors or employees respecting Titleholder's (or their assistants, independent contractors, representatives, employees or agents) activities, MUSNP shall have the option of opposing such claim or defending such action through counsel of its own choice or through Titleholder's counsel, at the cost and expense of the Titleholder.
  4. If any claim of infringement or alleged infringement of MUNSP trade names, trademarks, or logos is made and brought to the attention of the Titleholder, Titleholder shall give prompt written notice thereof to MUSNP.  MUSNP shall, by counsel of its own selection, at its own cost, handle and control the defense of such infringement claim.
  5. Titleholder acknowledges she is, to the best of her knowledge, in good health and that if, during the year of her reign, she becomes ill or experiences an injury or accident, she will be responsible for any and all costs pertaining thereto, including physicians' fees, hospital or emergency care, or for any other associated costs or procedures.
  6. Any misrepresentation or untrue statement by the Titleholder (or their assistants, independent contractors, representatives, employees or agents) of MUSNP, or failure to comply with any of the terms, provisions, restrictions, or obligations of this Agreement on Titleholder's part to be performed shall, at the option of MUSNP result in the loss of their Title, and the return of any and all prizes awarded.
  7. If the Title is later removed, pursuant to the terms of this agreement, it is agreed that the MUSNP, its officers, directors, independent contractors, agents, sponsors or employees will be held harmless, and no litigation of any nature will be engaged in with respect to removal of the title.


  1. Any information provided to the Titleholder by MUSNP noted as confidential shall not be disclosed to third parties or anyone outside of this agreement, unless compelled by a court of law or otherwise independently disclosed by third parties.  This includes, but is not limited to normalized contestant data, pageant and contestant relations, sponsor contracts, pageant operations, marketing know-how and/or branding, fundraising and sales methods.
  2. There are no representations, promises, warranties, covenants or undertakings other than those contained in this Agreement, which represents the entire understanding of the parties.
  3. From time to time this Agreement may need to be updated to address changes in the business, sponsors or other MUSNP needs.  These changes will be noted as revisions and required the Titleholder’s written acknowledgement.
  4. Should any part, term or provision of this Agreement be declared to be illegal or in conflict with any law, rule or regulation, the validity of the remaining portions, terms or provisions shall not be affected thereby.
  5. This agreement is not assignable in whole or in part by the Titleholder, nor may the Titleholder license or sub-license any right licensed to it hereunder, without the specific written approval of MUSNP.
  6. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of New York.  The venue for any proceedings relating to the provisions hereof, or the construction, interpretation, or enforcement thereof, or any breach or alleged breach thereof, shall take place in the City of Rochester, State of New York, regardless of the forum in which this agreement or any part thereof may have been negotiated or executed.

Form 300.3.A